Bullied Boy With Dwarfism Update

We recently told you a boy in Australia with dwarfism who has been the victim of bullying and we’re happy to update the story with some good news. The mother of nine-year-old Quaden Bayles posted a video on Facebook after she picked him up from school and he was crying about the cruelty from his classmates.

Since then, celebrities including Hugh Jackman and Jeffrey Dean Morgan have rallied to support Quaden and donations have poured in for a created to send him to Disneyland. The campaign has blown past the original goal of $10-thousand and has more than $466-thousand and it’s still going.

The fundraiser’s organizer,Brad Williams, writes that he started it to show Quaden “there is good in the world” and “that he is a wonderful human being who deserves joy.”

Source:New York Post

CONSPIRACY UPDATE: Shortly after this story aired, there were questions about a conspiracy involving Quaden's age:

His aunt, Mundanara Bayles, is speaking out against claims that her nephew is actually an 18-year-old actor posing as a bullied 9-year-old.

A photograph surfaced last week showing Quaden at an 18th birthday party. People began to use this to fuel the conspiracy that Bayles is actually an actor who staged a bullying video to get money. Yet, Mundanara Bayles tells BuzzFeed News that her nephew is indeed 9-years-old and that the photograph was taken at her son, Garlen's, birthday party.

She also said that the money Quaden was flashing was cash in the one photo was what he raised to donate to Australia's wildfire relief effort.

Read more here: Buzzfeed News

Also Snopes says the conspiracy about him being 18 is FALSE:


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