Salmonella and Netflix = an actual blessing in disguise!

Last week I was out sick with a pretty bad case of the tummy rumblies. Let's just say, if you think you have food poisoning or a stomach bug, go to the doc on Day 1. Don't try to just "work through it" like I did and go on Day 4. Needless to say, i was in bed for about 4 days last week, until I had to peel myself out of bed and be there for my kiddo's school pageant. She was incredibly beautiful and we had a great mom/daughter day...until we fell right back in bed afterward.

While at home and unable to really do anything but lay in bed, I did what any red-blooded human would do. I turned to a true love. One who has never failed me and is always there when I need it most. Netflix! I wasn't in the mood for my normal. My normal is a bit dark. I'm obsessed with true crime and heavy hitting shows (I'm currently knee deep in the new Ted Bundy docuseries on Amazon Prime and The Outsider on HBO). I wanted something a bit more light since I was already feeling pretty dumpy. There it was, staring me in the face. The show that my closest friends and some family had been telling me to watch for a couple of years. I had always responded with "I know I need to, but I want to start it from the beginning" and I just never started. Until last Wednesday...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I found the best show on television... "Schitt's Creek"!!

Here's the synopsis from IMDB: When rich video-store magnate Johnny Rose and his family suddenly find themselves broke, they are forced to leave their pampered lives to regroup in Schitt's Creek.

Schitt's Creek

The sotry is centered around the Rose family; Johnny and Moira, and their children Alexis and David. I could not pick a favorite character if I had to! Every single one of these characters has something special about them that makes me fall deeper in love with them. I posted on my personal Facebook earlier about how I'd binge-watched all 5 seasons that are currently available on Netflix in just a matter or days, and I asked if others had fallen for this show in the same way I had. The responses were OVERWHELMING! Apparently I was really late to the game on this one, but even so, felt as though I'd found my tribe of weirdos. Here are some of their responses:

We've been watching since day ONE!!!

I binged watched it during vaca once and laughed my head off. I need to continue. It was hilarious!

Never binged watched anything until this show!

The greatest!! The way she says “baby” kills me

This show is all you need in life!

Legit the best show out there.

I ADORE this show! It's one of my absolute favorites. Moira is ultimate fashion inspo. All the characters are so well written and hilarious.

Whenever I binged it, I started talking and mimicking Alexis I was so obsessed with it! DAVID EWWWW (hand gesture, facial gesture)


What you should know: Comedic IMPROV LEGENDS Catherine O'Hara and Eugene Levy, while incredible, are only PART of this amazing cast. You can feel their genius shine through at moments but without Eugene's son, Dan Levy, the show wouldn't be possible. He's co-creator. Also, they wanted to fully embrace all people in this show. Young, old, rich, poor, straight, LGBTQ. THEY DO. Accurately and beautifully. If that is not for you, this show is not for you. As for me, I love everyone. I love this show.

Enjoy this clip of Alexis saying her brother's name over and over and try not to emulate her mannerisms. I dare you.

And spoiler - if you haven't made it this far in the series, THIS IS A's my favorite moment.

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