Chase Rice Was Tricked Into Performing For Ex-Girlfriend On “The Bachelor”

Chase Rice made a guest appearance on last night’s episode of ABC’s “The Bachelor” and things got a bit awkward. It seems Chase was on hand to perform during Peter Weber’s date with Victoria Fuller, which certainly was uncomfortable since Chase is Victoria’s ex.

Victoria told producers that Chase was shooting her looks during the performance, especially since she claims he told her he didn’t want her going on “The Bachelor.” Victoria eventually fessed up to Peter about the relationship because she was acting strange during the evening.

Chase thought he was on the show to promote his music – and he certainly didn’t know that the producers would spring a reunion with his ex Victoria on him, calling it an “over the top” move.

When asked if he’d ever consider being a contestant on a Bachelor Nation show, Rice said there’s “not a shot in hell.”

Sources: ABC, People

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