St. Jude Parade Rules for 2020

Parade Rules for 2020

1. No bottles, glass containers or boxes will be allowed on any float and no type of alcohol is to be thrown from floats (Beer cans, miniatures, etc.)

2. All riders are to abide by the type of throws NOT allowed: NO BOXES of any size or kind will be allowed on any float. The floats will be inspected after float load-up and any boxes found will be removed before the float leaves the barn. You must remove your boxes and garbage from the float barn. You cannot leave it there or put it in the Polka Dot’s dumpster.

Types of throws NOT allowed:

-Rubber balls or other hard type balls

-Hard or heavy bean bags

-Glass or can products

-Candy or food items in any style box

-Cool pops

-Candy Apples

-Jolly Ranchers

-Candy from foreign countries

-Political, religious advertising material

-Panties, bras or any type of underwear

-Beads containing likeness of sexual organs


-Plastic or rubber dolls or animals having explicit sexual organs

-Sex or marital aids

-Fruits or vegetables

-Fireworks or Sparklers

-Candy the size of a silver dollar or smaller

3. No rider shall verbally or by using signs request a sexual display from any member of the crowd,and there is to be no sexual displays on any float.

4. Dress for the parade will be at riders’ discretion although every rider must wear a mask. We have St. Jude t-shirts for sale if you would like to purchase one to wear. Shirts can be purchased at

5. No rider shall remove their mask during the parade.

6. All riders to wear RUBBER SOLE SHOES ONLY on the float. This is a safety precaution.

7. Absolutely NO SMOKING of any kind (including vapor devices) on any float.

8. If you become ill or hurt during the Parade, notify your Float Captain immediately. She is in charge. Follow her instructions and or suggestions. The Float Captain is responsible for all riders aboard their assigned float, their safety and conduct. Any member or participant not obeying direction or requests by the Float Captain may be removed from the float.

9. All riders must stay on the float from the beginning to the end of the parade unless directed by the float captain. MPD will issue a fine to anyone caught leaving a float while it is moving

10. No rider is to intentionally damage or make any kind of alteration to a float.

11. All riders to conduct themselves respectably at all times.

12. The parade is a representation of St. Jude, iHeart, Adjusters Give Back and our float sponsors. Please be mindful of this and make sure your actions are not disparaging to these organizations.


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