LSU Fan Starts GoFundMe To Buy Clemson A New Mascot Costume

It was kind of a shock when they showed the Clemson tiger mascot last night at the Championship game.

What on earth happened? I mean, humidity does a number on my hair, too... but get real!

Did the good costume get lost on the way to New Orleans? Surely this isn't all they have!

And of course, having two teams with tigers made the comparisons (and memes) inevitable.

But while we're all either aghast or giggling, one LSU fan decided to take action.

Dion Grossnickle started a GoFundMe account, to help Clemson buy a new mascot costume. So far, he's raised over $1,500...

"After turning on the national championship game on Monday the 13th I thought bad for The Clemson Tiger. It seems that the University purchased their mascot costume from the clearance rack from TG&Y in 1981. All proceeds will be mailed to the Clemson University Athletic Department at the conclusion of the fundraiser. GO LSU!!!"

BTW, take a look at who's contributing... or at least the names they're using. (See below)

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