NAS Pensacola Shooting: "This Was An Act of Terrorism"

"This was an act of terrorism," says Attorney General Bill Barr, in a news conference today on last month's deadly shooting at Pensacola Naval Air Station. 

The shooter was a Saudi Air Force officer who was part of a training mission at the base. Barr told a briefing that the shooter was motivated by "jihadist ideology." He said the shooter apparently had no ties to other known terrorists or terror groups. 

Three U.S. servicemembers were killed and eight others were injured by a lone gunman, who was killed by sheriff's deputies. 

Barr noted that thousands of foreign officers train at U.S. military bases. Barr stressed that Saudi Arabia cooperated fully in the investigation. 

FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich said the mass shooting went on for about 15 minutes. He and Barr also publicly pressured Apple to help federal investigators get into the shooter's two iPhones. Barr said Apple has been uncooperative. Barr would not comment about whether the government sue the tech giant. 

Barr also praised heroes that helped save lives that day, some even after taking fire from the shooter.

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