Some say the most important ability one can display is availability. That being the case, isn't it fair to ask if Jalen Hurts wouldn't have been the better choice as Alabama's starting quarterback in 2019? Tua's lingering ankle injury nearly cost the Tide last year's SEC Championship as he limped around and played poorly against Georgia, only for his team to be bailed out by the heroic Hurts.

ESPN's Desmond Howard even went so far as to question Tugviloa's draft status. Said Howard, “It was one ankle last year, now a different ankle this year. What’s going on with this young man’s health, and is this a problem that can occur again and again and again? That’s what I would be worried about.” Ironically, Howard also prefers this weekend's opposing QB, LSU's Joe Burrow, over Tua as a potential pro.

As early as this past July, contributing write Jacob Shyvnick of Fansided.com wrote about the concern that is now prevailing: "It’s the history of injuries surrounding Tagovailoa that is beginning to make many wonder if he’s injury-prone. Tagovailoa had both knee and ankle injuries last season, one of which required surgery, that derailed his Heisman bid and Alabama’s quest for a second straight national championship."

Tide fans themselves are very concerned as you can see by this column in the Montgomery Advertiser. This weekend's showdown with LSU should be a great one, especially if Tua is healthy and good to go. But with Tagvailoa's history of injuries, that is a big "if."

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