CEOs you should know Brandyn Ulmer: Atlas Industrial Outsourcing, LLC

Brandyn Ulmer is the Founding Principal and CEO at Atlas Industrial Outsourcing, LLC. Ulmer was born in 1986 in Pasadena, TX but moved to Mobile, AL quickly thereafter. When Ulmer’s father founded Temploy, Inc. in 1999, Ulmer took to processing payroll and invoicing at the age of 12 and essentially grew up in the staffing industry. Ulmer’s experience, along with his incredible team, has made Atlas an instant success.

Ulmer met his wife Natalie in 2013 and the two have been inseparable ever since. Married on March 28, 2015, the two currently live on Dog River in Mobile. “It’s easy to take on the world when you wake up every morning next to your inspiration” says Ulmer.

From 2005 to 2012 Ulmer was the lead guitarist for the local band Top of the Orange. While in the band, Ulmer developed a business relationship with 3 Doors Down founding guitarist, Matt Roberts, who managed and coached the band’s development. After the group disbanded Ulmer remained in contact with Roberts, and ultimately partnered with Matt’s father, Darrell Roberts to form Atlas in 2017.

Atlas Industrial Outsourcing was created as an answer to the high technician turnover issue that faces industrial cleaning and facility maintenance. Atlas recruits, vets, trains and outsources industrial maintenance technicians to companies throughout the United States as labor support for outages, turn arounds and shutdowns in advanced manufacturing and power generation facilities. To date, Atlas has hired over 400 personnel and supported over 275 outages in under two years. Atlas was founded on 4 core values: Safety, Professionalism, Hard Work and Honesty. Ulmer says, ”Those values are what drive our decision making, our hiring and termination, our coaching and our commendations. I feel that if people can find their core values and apply them even when it hurts, that they would benefit, be it in life or business.”

Ulmer’s community involvement includes:

-Board of Directors, Project THRIVE

-Board of Directors, Mobile Law Enforcement Foundation

-Board of Advisors, Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce

-Water Jet Technology Association – Training Committee Member

-The VOCAL (Vocational and Occupational Certified and Accredited Learning) Foundation – Founder/Managing Director

For more information about the services Atlas offers or how to become a part of the Atlas family visit

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