This guy is one DESPERATE Tennessee football fan

A University of Tennessee football fan recently posted a Craigslist ad looking for a woman to go to a game or many games with him this year because, quote, "My girlfriend broke up with me a couple weeks ago."

He says he's, quote, "not looking for a relationship" . . . but the ad starts getting very unappealing very fast.

He says going involves tailgating with his couple friends but the woman, quote, "must behave in a respectable manner, no drunks, no drugs, no vulgarity." She has to be willing to tailgate all day and stay for the full game. She MUST be a Tennessee fan.

She IS welcome to cook her favorite dishes for the tailgate, though. Finally, she has to meet with him before the game to chat. And . . . she has to pay face value for the ticket. He ends the ad with, quote, "Tell me why I should pick you?"

The conversation on Twitter hasn't been kind. One person wrote, quote, "Not even going to throw in the ticket? Who the hell wants to be miserable at a boring tailgate AND pay for it?" And another said, quote, "I understand why his girlfriend left." 

(Saturday Down South/BroBible

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