Massive Rare Prehistoric Shark Attacks Submarine

This shark puts “Jaws” to shame.

Researchers in a deep ocean submarine came face to face with a massive bluntnose sixgill shark. The shark was about 20 feet long and nearly twice the size of the sub. 

In the video, which was filmed off the coast of the Bahamas, the female shark can be seen emerging from the depths of the ocean and charging toward the submarine, showing her pearly whites and giving them a classic stink eye look through the window. 

Researchers say that not much is known about the bluntnose sixgill sharks since they live so deep in the ocean. They’re considered a dominant predator of the deep-sea ecosystem. Their extinct cousin known as the Megalodon shark is considered the largest of the species but they are pretty close. In fact, these sharks predate most dinosaurs. 

Scientists think a Greenland shark like this caught in the North Atlantic Ocean in 2017 was about 512 years old. 

“This is a monster,” one of the scientists says in the video, as the shark checks out the tagging gun at the bottom of the sub. They were able to tag another shark on this expedition so they can track and learn more about them. 

(Ocean X)

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