Stores Are Fighting Back Due to Ice Cream Lickers

What people will do to get attention and be famous these days is beyond words.

Thanks to one dumba$$ in Texas, now that there's this awful trend where people are LICKING ice cream in stores and putting it back in the freezer, some stores have started protecting themselves by actually locking their ice cream freezers!

By now we've all seen the disgusting videos of people licking the top of ice cream containers in grocery stores and as stupid and illegal as this is it's getting worse and worse each day. DO NOT DO THIS. It is not funny. Plus ice cream is sacred! But really...look up the Tylenol murders of the 80's and you'll see why food-tampering is serious.

The trend is actually so bad now that some stores have actually started locking the freezers. So they only way you can get your ice cream is by calling a store employee to unlock it for you....



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