Pasture Road - Old Town Road - ACTUAL COWBOY REMIX is the best version

This is the BEST version of this song that I have heard! Video below is great!

And p.s. it is done by REAL cowboys, than you very much!

:) Shelby

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Featuring: Trent Loos (

Original music: "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X

Parody lyrics: Greg Peterson

No copyright infringement of original song was intended.

Baby calf: The Farming Life (

Ending ranch scenes: America’s Heartland (


(Greg) Yeah, I’m gonna take my cows down the pasture road

They gonna graze till they can’t no more

(Kendal) I got the cattle in the back

Ear tag is attached

Hair is matted black

I call this my cattle-ac

Ridin’ on a horse yuh

Finishing my chores

Burnin’ in the valley

Leads to grillin’ on your porch now

(All 3) Can’t no heifer tell me nothin’

They can’t tell me nothin’

(Nathan) Ridin’ on my tractor

Emptyin’ their bladder

Delivering babies

You can go and ask her

My life is a movie

Bull chasin’ and cuties

Cowboy hat to shade me

Wranglers getting dirty

(Greg) Hat down, in town, shopping with my wifey

Concrete, crowds, and traffic ruining my life sheesh

People got a habit, blaming beef for all their problems

Maybe we should look at other ways to help and solve them

(Trent Loos) Managed well, cattle keep the land swell

Turning poor soil to protein that we can sell

It’s time to ride back down to that pasture road

And watch them

(All 3 Bros) graze till they can’t no more

Property (aside from music) property of Peterson Farm Brothers LLC.

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