ICYMI: New Country Group Gone West w/Colbie Caillat visits 95 KSJ Studios

In case you missed it, we had a two-time Grammy Award-winning singer in the KSJ studios last week!

Colbie Caillat, who sold more than six million albums during her solo career, has taken off on a new path, she has pretty much GONE WEST. She has teamed up with her fiancé, Justin Kawika Young, and their longtime friends Nelly Joy and Jason Reeves to form Gone West, a country music quartet. They signed a recording contract with Triple Tiger Records in January and immediately released an EP called “Tides” that hit the top five on the iTunes Country Charts.

We were so excited to host them in the 95 KSJ/iHeart performance studio. They were all amazing, each having great success on their own. And they way they blend...their sound...is unique. I tried to put it in words but could not (I know, I'm limited)!

I love that Gone West showcases their voices and instruments at small venues where they trade off singing lead and in between the music, they tell stories about how they met, their earlier careers and what brought them together.

Our entire staff enjoyed the visit, you need to check out the Facebook Live video below here yourself. Sidenote: I do believe that Justin is my cousin (could be true!)

Look for them to do HUGE THINGS in the near future!


shelby and justin gone west
dan shelby gone west

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