Kacey Musgraves refuses to do a Shoey at Concert in Australia

"There once was a woman who didn’t want to drink out of a shoe. But she had so many fans, she didn’t know what to do!"

Kacey Musgraves risked insulting her Australian audience Sunday night when she refused to do a “shoey” even with a lot of pressure from concert-goers.

As the crowd chanted “Shoey, shoey, shoey” (Aussie slang for the weird party trick of drinking an entire beer out of one’s footwear) over and over, Kacey looked out from the stage in confusion, before shutting the request down.

She told the crowd, who were chanting for her to partake in the tradition, “That’s disgusting, I’m not (expletive) drinking out of your shoe. You could have athlete’s foot or something.”

And GOOD FOR HER! I know Eric Church does this at all of his shows and that's cool. But I certainly don't blame Kacey! I wouldn't drink out of my own shoe...or anyone else's for that matter! It's just groos. Plus a study in an Australian medical university revealed that doing a “shoey” can result in a staph infection anyway.

No Shoey Shelby :)

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