Hi From Shelby - Here's Why I Can't Talk

Well at least it's been quiet! :)

As I recuperate from sinus/chest/throat illness, something odd has happened that has never happened in my entire 25 ++ years in my career...it is simple, but it has been a giant nuisance. I have lost my voice. Full-fledged laryngitis. It's common when you've been sick, even just a cold, but this one has been a "doozy." I have been hoarse from going to concerts in the past but never for more than one day, and never like this, where NOTHING comes out! As I recover, my voice will come back (PRAY!) but until then my doctors have put me on complete vocal rest, no talking, even whispering. Whispering is supposedly worse for vocal cords because it strains them. No big deal...until you make a living with your VOICE then it is kind of a big deal! Oh the irony.

As of this writing, it has now been 13 days. 13 days! Kind of scary. They say it could take up to 3 weeks. And I know things could be a LOT worse. I think of and pray for my friends who are really sick, like a couple are fighting for their life with cancer kind of sick...so I am not complaining. And I know I am a very blessed human with a wonderful life. But...this thing went from being slightly comical (have you heard Dan and I doing our Afternoon Show with my App that speaks for me? Scroll down!) to becoming annoying and frustrating. I never took my voice for granted, I have just just never had this issue. And you don't realize how much you use your voice until it is gone. As I heal, I am feeling okay even pretty good to do things, I just can't speak. I can work just fine with all the other stuff, mostly writing, but I just can't talk. But regular stuff, like I can't do a basic Starbucks run (which is probably saving me lots of money). My Bonus Son can say whatever he wants to me (thank goodness he is a good boy)! The dogs think I am messing with them with all the miming. My neighbor hollered a big "hey," across the way and probably thought I was totally RUDE because I didn't say anything back, but I did wave! :) And I went to see the Country a capella vocal group Home Free in concert with my family for my Mother's Day gift, but it was kind of sad not being able to cheer, whoop, and sing along like I always do. But I was clapping away like a seal and holding up my notepad that said "Yay" on it.

The only time I try to talk is when I have to communicate with to the doctors, and I try to keep that very brief.The last two days I tested out my voice, I literally sound like a dying frog! So I am continuing to zip it. I have gone through 6 legal pads! I kind of feel like the Boy In the Bubble (youngins - Google it).

I am doing all the stuff you are supposed to and then some. Water, tea, steam, gargle, rest, meds, pray, etc. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon, but in the meantime, special thanks to Dan Brennan, Bill Black, Johnna, and all my co-workers who have been taking up the slack for my slacker silent self. I'll just be over here at my laptop like Baby in the corner (some may have to Google that one too). :) And bless my husband, The Fireman for having to share in my silence. (Wait...maybe he likes the silence!? Hmm... :)

When I do get my voice back I will have a LOT to say so just wait!

Silent Shelby

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