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I LOVE Disney World. Who doesn’t, right? I don't go as much as I would like but when I do, I need the hacks...they have helped me save money and headaches! Here are some of the best ones and links below, from people who go 5-10 times per year! That’s a lot of Disney, yo. So here are some of my absolute favorite Disney World hacks so you could make your trip just a little more magical.


P.S. I highlighted a few below but the full lists are here:



Bring in a refillable water bottle. While you can find that free water, it’s not always in the most convenient place. So bring in a refillable water bottle and get a couple of free cups. Pour them into your bottle and you’re good to go. Agood insulated bottlewill keep the water cold longer, too!

Get real merch real cheap. Instead of having clearance sections in Disney Shops, they send the unsold merch to two outlets near the parks called Disney Character Warehouse. This is a HUGE money saver if you have a way to get there. We bought sweatshirts for $15, regularly $65. Pins are crazy cheap there, too (although the selection is very limited.) We did the math and last trip we saved over $600, and only spent $200. Definitely worth a try. There are two locations: one at the Orlando International Premium Outlet and the other at Orlando Vineland Premium Outlet. If you can take advantage, this is the one of the best money saving Disney World hacks.

Pressed pennies make for cheap souvenirs. All over Disney property (hotels, gift shops, parks – pretty much everywhere), you can find pressed penny machines. There are 120 machines in total! Most of them take 2 quarters and a penny – but some do press quarters or dimes. We save our change up and my husband and daughter use it collect pressed pennies. You can fill up a book for under $20, which is one of the cheapest Disney collections you can choose. 

Buy less tickets than days you plan on going. Our next trip will be with our friends who aren’t pass holders. So they are buying 6 days of tickets and we’ll be there 8 days. We will go to parks for 2 days, then a day of rest. Then 2 more days, then another day of rest. Then two more days and head home. If you buy the waterpark option on your tickets, you can go to the waterparks on the off days without it counting against you for park days. Only the days you actually go into a park will take off a ticket. So we’ll go to the water park and other Disney attractions (like Disney Springs or play mini-golf) and enjoy the parks even more without exhausted little ones. 

Mention special occasions and you can get free pins. Celebrating a birthday, or anniversary, your honeymoon or first trip? They have pins for all of those and more. Just ask a cast member. 

Just enjoy dessert. Want to try that expensive place but want to keep the budget in check? Then just order dessert. We did this at Be Our Guest and had the experience without the price tag. We each ordered a dessert and then shared so we could all have a taste. It was an amazing way to enjoy ourselves – because what’s more magical than a meal of just desserts?

More below!

Book FastPasses in advance.

Bring in-line entertainment.

Invest in a Fuelrod.

Take advantage of the parks if you're staying at a Disney resort.

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