Dan and Shelby - Christmas Carpool Karaoke!

Dan and I had the very best time doing this Christmas Carpool Karaoke with our buddy Hagen and crew from University of Mobile! Their Alabama School Of The Arts performs the Christmas Spectacular for thousands of people every year, and it is always amazing. 

They asked us to participate this year and do this fun video. We were honored! The video was shown (on the jumbo trons!) this year during a segment where one of the acts was leaving the stage and another act was entering. We hope we were a pleasant distraction. I am sure my song selection was spot on... And note Dan's festive Christmas accessories! (What was better, his light bulb necklace or Santa hat?) Hagen is a student/artist/performer with the school and was very patient to put up with our shenanigans. 

They have such huge crowds that attend the Christmas Spectacular that they need somewhere BIG to pull it off every year, the perfect location is Cottage Hill Baptist Church. The event really lives up to its name! I loved bringing my family. When my normally laid back fireman hubby and my 12-year-old bonus son are standing up and hollering after a performance, I know I am in the right place! Plus it is just a perfect way to focus on the real Reason we celebrate...SO important right now, in the middle of a world pretty much gone crazy. 

There were several groups and ensembles, from gigantic to specialty, singing and playing instruments. I really liked the diversity of singing/playing/musical styles they offered. One of my faves was "Twas the Night Before Christmas" done "spoken word" style by dudes in Santa hats, backed up by shiny horns and loud drums. LOVED IT! And the ladies' string group was great. And I loved when they passed out candles (battery-powered, don't worry) to the ENTIRE crowd, lowered the lights, and we all sang "O Holy Night." Gave me chill bumps. Scroll down for pics.

Not sure if it is the former choral/band student in me, but whatever...I give it two thumbs up for sure! I think it is like something you would see in New York or L.A. The talent by these students (and former students) is exceptional. 

If you want a copy of the DVD (and believe me you do), you can pre-order here: https://umobile.edu/ Stay tuned for details on a FREE Easter concert they will offer to the public next year, I know it will be great. And make plans now to go to the Christmas Spectacular next year for sure! And have a Merry CHRISTmas. 

:) Shelby


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