Ellen DeGeneres made Gwen Stefani cry

Ellen DeGeneres heaps praise on Gwen Stefani and brings her to tears.

Ellen DeGeneres brought Gwen Stefani to tears on her show yesterday. They were talking about the time Gwen played Ellen a song in her bathroom that later became a big hit. 

Gwen wanted to get serious for a moment and told Ellen that she appreciated their conversations. Ellen replied with, “Gwen, you know, she deserves everything she has. She deserves this love, she deserves the life that she has and the career, because she went through a lot.” 

At that point, Gwen said, “Don’t make me cry! Wow, now I’m crying on TV too, I love you.” 

You can check out their exchange below. 

  • ONE MORE THING: Ellen also claimed that Blake Shelton told her that he and Gwen were engaged. She quickly changed the subject – but she said she enjoys talking about her boyfriend.

Source: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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