AMAZING Christmas Flash Mob

Imagining answering the door to this!? 

Hey it's Shelby and you better grab some tissues for Happy Tears!!! 

I love this group, The Five Strings. They say this on their YouTube Channel page:

"Life has its ups and downs and we all go though good times and hard times. But no matter what, when we lose ourselves in the service of others we find joy and peace in our lives! This is such a special time of year and we encourage you to find someone to serve this Christmas season!" 

The Five Strings are a performing family band from Utah. For the past 8 years, audiences of all ages have been amazed by the energy, talent and professionalism in this young family. The band is made up of 5 siblings, ranging in ages from 8-18. The Five Strings also have 3 younger siblings ages 5, 4 and 1 that will be joining the group soon. 

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