Congrats Alabama...But Wasn't I Right About Tua?

First of all, credit the entire Alabama team for their amazing comeback victory over Georgia for the SEC Championship. The Jalen Hurts angle to the story is a great one. Georgia, it should be noted, played exceptional football for most of the game. It wasn't enough, and for Georgia against Alabama that seems to be the recurring script.

A week ago I started a bit of a firestorm by questioning just how good Tua Tagovailoa really is. The post was called "Is Tua Overrated?" Judging from the reaction I got, mostly from Tide fans, there wasn't a more shameful question I could pose. I am wondering how Alabama fans see the question now? The Tide won the National Championship last January in large part to the play of Tua. They nearly lost the SEC Championship this season, in large part, because of how poorly Tua played. 

Football is a physical game and injuries occur. For whatever reason Tua was terrible. Am I wrong?

Enjoy the highlights from Saturday's game below.

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