Bovine Behemoth in Australia Too Big To Eat

A massive Australian cow named Knickers has been spared the slaughterhouse and the dinner table thanks to its sheer size. 

The behemoth bovine hails from a farm in the town of Myalup in Western Australia and was recently saved from the barbecue because of its size, standing as tall as Michael Jordan and weighing 1.4 tons, more than a car.

The farmer said the cow has been put to work since being saved from the dinner table, leading and coaching other cattle.

I have been around a lot of cows and have never seen a cow that big! And technically, it is a steer...a castrated male. I won't go into further details. :)

I do love that story. But I will say, here in 'Merica, we would probably find a way to eat him.... :)


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