Dan & Shelby's Halloween Shenanigans

Hey from Shelby! 

I LOVE Halloween because I have been a fan of scary movies and the horror genre in general since I was little. It's Stephen King's fault! I used to sneak away when we went to the flea market and buy Stephen King books when mom wasn't looking. I was like 8 or 9 and I loved to read (it was the only thing I was REALLY good at). She would find them later under my bed and fuss at me...but hey at least I was reading, right?! :) 

We usually carve pumpkins every year at my place, it has been a tradition. But this year, the only time we could do it when my bonus son was there, was during a REALLY busy fair week last week, so we literally only had like 20 minutes one night to do it. So we had to improvise and we did the next best thing, we just drew on small pumpkins with paint pens. See below.  I know, kinda lame. But the fact that I went to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal in Orlando and Town of Terror at OWA in Foley this year made up for it. (I did NOT bring the 12-year-old to those haunted houses in case you are wondering)! See pics below.

So Dan always carves a University of Georgia pumpkin and always does a pretty good job. But if his team wins, he does a better job on the pumpkin. When they lose, meh...not so much. :) He is NOT dressing up for Halloween, so I say that's lame. :) The costume contest here at work is tomorrow and I better win or else I will be chunkin some punkins. 

Below are some PAST costumes from me and Dan that are worth honorable mentions. And a pretty good carving of the 95 KSJ logo into a pumpkin a few years ago. That one took a LOT of patience, toothpicks, and extra special "pumpkin spice" in my latte that night, if you know what I mean...

Anyhoo...I judged a costume party over the weekend so I wasn't going to do a big costume, just a basic witch. :) My hubby, The Fireman, told me he wanted a lazy costume so I found him something really easy, the Brawny guy. My sister went as Frank N. Furter from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Pretty great! (see below)...

Check back because I'll update with the winning pics from the iHeart staff tomorrow afternoon....

Oh and hey...why didn’t the skeleton go to the ball?  Because he had no BODY to go with. HAAAA!

Dan GA pumpkin 2018
Shelby's lame pumpkins 2018
dan shelby halloween spartans
Halloween Dan and Shelby throwback
shelby the fireman halloween 2018
maile frank n furter
owa park after dark
HHN 2018

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