ICYMI: Walker Hayes Caught Up With Dan & Shelby

Our friend and rising Country Star, Walker Hayes, was in town to receive the Distinguished Alumni Award from St. Paul's in Mobile (congrats!) so he drops by to see Dan & Shelby. See the Facebook Live and hear the Dan & Shelby Off The Mic Podcast (scroll down) where they talk about his new song "90's Country," and the age old argument "New Country" vs. "Old Country." Walker also opens up and shares how he and his family are still healing from their recent heartbreaking tragedy. Here's an article from People.com: https://people.com/parents/walker-hayes-laney-hayes-baby-girl-death-uterine-rupture/

Here's the Dan and Shelby Off The Mic with Walker:  https://www.iheart.com/podcast/139-Dan-and-Shelby-28320386/episode/walker-hayes-on-heartbreak-healing-writing-29877904/

We even had folks reaching out to 95KSJ through social media and at events to ask about Walker.  We love Walker and Laney and the family, and we are are still sending prayers and love. 


Walker Hayes with Dan and Shelby KSJ 2010
dan shelby walker 2017

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