Drag Queen Story Hour in Mobile

"Drag Queen Story Hour" is scheduled to be held at the Ben May Main Library in Mobile next month.

Rainbow Mobile, a local LGBTQ organization, is hosting the Drag Queen Story Hour September 8th. Apparently, a drag queen, trained by an elementary school teacher, will read to kids ages 3 to 8 to "promote literacy and teach acceptance."

Yesterday, it was brought before the Mobile City Council. There were two people who signed up to speak, including Pastor Fred Wolfe. He is with Luke 4:18 Fellowship and he said, "They're going to teach our children about a lifestyle that is sinful."

Lisa Strong of Mobile said, "I just happen to be an American, Christian woman who is tired of seeing a systematic removal of everything that is moral."

Mobile Public Library Director Scott Kinney then addressed the council and explained why the event was being held. Kinney said, "For us, it is a free speech issue. If we let one group use the library, we let all groups use the library."

Several council members expressed their thoughts: 

Fred Richardson said, "If they follow the darkness, we can't do nothing about it. We can't go arrest them because they follow darkness. And, in the end, God is going to judge us all."

Levon Manzie said, "And, so, keep your children at home. If you don't want them influenced, keep them at home."

A similar issue is happening in New Orleans: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2018/08/23/drag-queen-story-hour-children-library-controversy/1069610002/

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