Branson Tragedy Draws Gulf Coast Duck Boat Reaction


In the wake of the heartbreaking Duck Boat tragedy in Branson, Missouri, I spoke with Gulf Coast Ducks owner Scott Tindle about the safety standards his crew adheres to each day. There are a number of very important differences and distinctions Scott makes between the operation in Missouri and the Gulf Coast Duck boat tours here in Mobile. Scott knows many of the principles involved with the Missouri outfit and expressed his grief over the accident.

In the portion of the interview you can access below, Scott talks about everything from Coast Guard certifications for his crew, safety training and precautions and constant weather monitoring done by Gulf Coast Ducks. One point to be made is that the captain's do a safety and weather check before each of the three splashes the boats make into the Mobile River and Mobile Bay. At anytime, they can determine not to enter the water and continue the tour entirely on land if need be.

Obviously our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the killed and injured in the lake accident near Branson.

Scott Tindle

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