Little Boy Gets His Own World Cup After Finishing Cancer Treatment

Little Ben couldn’t walk or talk before his treatments but asked for a World Cup

Ben Williams is five-years-old and battling brain cancer. The boy was in such bad shape that he couldn’t walk or talk, then last week, five weeks into his radiation treatments, he spoke and asked for his own World Cup.

Last Thursday, he got his wish. It was the last treatment for Ben and afterwards, the staff presented the fighter with his very own World Cup trophy during an awards ceremony. One of the staff shared the details on Twitter and something even cooler happened. 

Harry Kane, captain of England’s national soccer team responded to the post saying "Hi Ben, I've seen your video and you are an inspiration," Kane wrote, using the hashtag, #BensWorldCup. "Carry on fighting and we'll do everything we can on Saturday to keep a smile on your face!"

England won the quarter-final match against Sweden on Saturday.

Source: Good Morning America

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