Did Justin Trudeau’s Eyebrow Fall Off at the G7 Summit?

The meeting of world leaders at the G7 Summit in June 2018 produced a number of news stories of global importance. It also provided us with some stories of decidedly lesser importance, such as the claim that a 16-second video clip captured at the event purportedly shows Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau’s (fake) eyebrow falling off:

Let's see what Snopes says.

This clip received a surprising amount of online coverage, appearing on several different web sites offering varying amounts of skepticism about what it showed, while others sites, simply declared that “Justin has a falling eyebrow!”

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Several other images from the news conference also show that Trudeau’s eyebrows were, in fact, appropriately positioned on his face:

Close-up pictures of Trudeau’s face show that his eyebrows grow thicker on the bottom and are slightly darker on the underside of the supraorbital ridge. In certain lighting conditions this combination can, apparently, make it appear as if the brow is misplaced.

Go here for full info : https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/justin-trudeaus-eyebrow/

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