Kindergarten Class Starts Each Day With A Handshake

Each morning, the “littles” in Ashley Coston Taylor’s kindergarten class start their day with a handshake and a smile. She recently posted a video on Facebook showing her students at Keene Elementary School in North Texas lining up to shake hands with their classmates and says she hopes the “simple practice makes a powerful difference in her students’ development.”

Every day, one student acts as the “greeter” and stands at the classroom door as the rest of the boys and girls wait in line to shake hands with the greeter and say good morning, before going in to take their seats. Taylor says it teaches the kids good manners and that “someone is on their side.”

"When I see the direction the world is heading, it reminds me what I am doing WILL make a difference!" Taylor writes in the caption for the video.

Source: CBS News

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