Sugarland Releases "Mother" Just In Time For Mother's Day

SUGARLAND: Release "Mother"   

Sugarland have released "Mother," from their new album, Bigger. 

Jennifer Nettles says, “We wanted to celebrate what we feel is so beautiful about mothers. What we shared with our own mothers and what we see is beautiful about that relationship and that kind of unconditional, open-ended love.” 

She also says there's another inspiration for the song -- the Statue of Liberty. 

"What's so beautiful, when you first listen to it thinks of their actual physical mother. And then if you know the backstory is thinking about the Statue of Liberty as a metaphor, people connect to it personally, and then they realize whoa, the personal is even bigger."

The album comes out June 8th. 

Gift idea: Give Mom a card with the lyrics handwritten in it.

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