Mysterious Strange Item Found in iHeart Garbage can

Mysterious Strange Item Found in iHeart Break Room Garbage Can

I found this (these?) in the iHeart break room garbage can. If you can't tell what it is by the photo, it is a pair of men's underwear! GAHHH! I was getting my one cup of afternoon Joe, and was about to throw my coffee garbage away, and I saw it. I have a husband and a Bonus Son, so I knew exactly what I thought it was (or what they were, what's the proper grammar?), anyway I did a double take in the garbage can. Even though years ago I assisted with some unofficial investigative reporting, I sure as HECK did NOT have the curious desire to go fish them out of the garbage to further check things out! Ewww. 

I asked Bill Black about it and he said they were originally found in the 710 AM UNCLE HENRY Studio! Hmmm. What on God's Green Earth could this be about? Did someone just find them too uncomfortable? Who do they belong to? We have many people in this building at all times. Was it a prank? Radio people are weird. Dan Brennan is back from vacation tomorrow and by gosh we need answers. From THE UNC. Maybe he can help us GET TO THE BOTTOM of things....

Stay tuned....

Shelby :)

garbage underwear

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