LOCAL: 200K Bees Removed From Daphne Home

A Daphne couple hasn't slept soundly in weeks knowing there's been hundreds of thousands of honey bees buzzing around their home. 

Walking through their century-old farmhouse, you can hear some lingering bees searching for their queen after the hive was removed from the home on Saturday.

After an inspection of the home and paying a few several hundred dollars, the beekeepers opened their dining room ceiling to a massive beehive. “He said it was the biggest cone he’s ever dealt with," said Mary Francis. The beekeeper told them he suspected the hive had been there for about three years and said it was the largest beehive he's ever removed. 

A time-lapse shows the removal process of over 200-thousand bees from the home. They are now at a bee farm in Loxley.

source: (WKRG/Mary Smith)


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