Fergie did the National Anthem in a Special Way and People Are Confused

Singing the National Anthem before a big event can be a thankless job, especially if you don’t do that great a job of it. Well, that’s something Fergie found out the hard way, after she performed the anthem ahead of last night’s NBA All-Star game.

She seemed to have a hard time hitting the song’s high notes, and sang it as if it was a sexy tune and as you can imagine, folks on social media couldn’t help but share their thoughts on the performance. Some people downright hated it.  I agree with others who were comparing it to Marilyn Monroe singing “Happy Birthday” to JFK.

I guess I am in the minority, but I didn't think it was completely horrendous. Okay so maybe she shouldn't have "sexed it up" so much. She actually CAN sing! Maybe she was just trying to stand out. (Well I guess she did, but you know what I mean). :) Anyway, Roseanne Barr's performance gets the distinction of being the absolute worst, in my book.

See below and see what you think.

:) Shelby

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