Hats off to the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots for as entertaining a Super Bowl as I can remember. New England's comeback overtime win last year was amazing, but most of the game really was not. The Falcons were running away in a snoozer with a 25 point lead at one point. Yesterday's game was far different with both offenses trading blows wire to wire. In the end, a couple of touchdown receptions that might have been overturned in the regular season lifted the Eagles to the win.

Philly fans, starving for a pro football championship of any kind since 1960, reacted about the way we would expect. Here is more on that from Fox News. Windows smashed, looters looting, cars overturned...come on Eagle fans, couldn't you come up with something a little more original?

As far as the game's commercials, not too many stuck out for me. Here is a review of what Variety had to say about this year's crop. One I did enjoy was for the NFL itself. Eli and Odell did not have much of a chance to connect on the field this past season, but they do display chemistry while dirty dancing. 



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