Teacher In Hot Water For Bashing The Military

A Pico River, California teacher and councilman is under fire for telling students that military members are "not talented people" and ranting about them.

The comments were recorded and posted on social media. The person's voice was identified as Councilman Gregory Salcido's and in the video he called veterans dumb, and the lowest of the low. The rant was apparently a reaction to a student wearing a Marine shirt. The teacher told him "You better not freaking go. Don't wear that in here." The student is planning on being a Marine.

One video clip also caught him using negative stereotypes when talking about Middle Eastern and Vietnamese people.

The El Rancho High School school board says an investigation is underway, but would not elaborate. This is not the first incident for the teacher. 

The video is now viral.

Source: Los Angeles Times

What a piece this guy is. He makes us furious. Details coming up with Dan & Shelby on 95 KSJ! ~Shelby

**Warning below: Language!**

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