What did Georgia fans do in the wake of the Dogs overtime loss to Alabama in the National Championship game? Living in Mobile, Alabama I'm not really sure. There just aren't that many Georgia fans here that I am around much.

One former colleague still living in Georgia reached out to me on Facebook and posted that the state was suffering from a week long hangover that had nothing to do with booze. I can understand that. It was an amazing game that could have gone either way. Plus Georgia outplayed Alabama for most of the first three quarters of the game, so for most Dog fans the victory seemed so in reach.

While I count myself as one of those fans, I feel like I bounced back pretty quickly. First of all, my high profile job on one of the state of Alabama's legendary radio stations dictates I move on. But I think the fact that Georgia put up such a good fight also helped soothe my pain. Add in the fact that Kirby Smart is starting to recruit talent at a more Alabama-like level, and I'll take my chances with Georgia football moving forward.

That brings us to singer Austin Brown. I don't know I thing about him besides this video, which is hilarious no matter who you root for. Here's how he dealt with the disappointment. He wrote a song.

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