So after a few days in Mobile, what is the buzz on Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield among NFL coaches and scouts? The arm has been spotty. He's made some nice throws and a few poor ones. It will be interesting to see how he plays in the GAME on Saturday. Baker Mayfield seems like one of those guys that is a studious enough practice participant but is really wired to play in games. Mayfield prefers those settings where the competition is fiercest. The bottom line to this point is that among the eight quarterbacks in Mobile, Mayfield has been the best.

Are their character concerns? You would think so, but he has apparently done a nice job of being the consummate teammate and leader in his short time here. In fact, many coaches and scouts are on the record as loving Mayfield's passion for the game, rather than viewing his actions as arrogant. During Senior Bowl week, practices are very important. In fact most NFL people are leaving today and won't even be here for Saturday's game. Regardless of how he performs Satuday on the NFL Network, Baker Mayfield has helped his NFL stock rise with his ability and attitude.


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