Lane Kiffin was on The Dan Patrick Show on NBCSN and made a statement that summed up my preview of last night’s epic Alabama win over Georgia in the National Championship Game. He said, “When I was at Alabama, every game you knew you had better players than the team you were playing.” Think about that statement. That’s quite an advantage.

My main reason for picking Alabama over my Dogs was simply that. Yes, Georgia is good. They have some very fine players. But Alabama is better than good and they have considerably more fine players. That gap may be shrinking, as Georgia recruiting under Kirby Smart is now at an all time high. In last night’s match up, rosters being what they are, Alabama just had more great players to put on the field. It showed in the fourth quarter.

There are no limits to Alabama’s recruiting range. Last night a freshman running back from California piled up second half yards tiring out a much thinner Georgia defense. That helped set up the winning play made between a freshman quarterback from Hawaii to a freshman receiver from Louisiana.

And they call themselves Alabama. Congratulations on another National Championship.

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