Yes. I am a HUGE Georgia football fan. My brother Tom was a scholarship basketball player there in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s.

I was in school at UGA and working in Athens radio during the days of Herschel Walker on the football field and Dominique Wilkins playing hoops, so there were plenty of highlights there.

I am rooting like crazy for Georgia to beat Alabama tonight? Of course. Do I think Georgia can win the game? I do. Do I think Georgia will win the game? Well, let me lay out my case for tonight’s winner.

As opposed to the Oklahoma game, Georgia knows exactly what they are up against tonight. They will try to slow down a run based offense that they see in practice in scrimmages. The Georgia offense will try and move the ball on an Alabama team that has similar speed, girth and talent as their own defense. These would be advantages for Georgia if Alabama wasn’t SO good.

Even if Alabama gets Georgia’s best shot, it might only be enough to keep it close. I was at the Georgia Dome in 2012 when Alabama ran for 200 yards against a talented Georgia defense…in the 3rd quarter ALONE. Those are images I will not soon forget.

Georgia has some very good players. Alabama has more of them. Kirby will have the Dogs excited. Playing in this game is routine for most of Alabama’s roster. Despite their injuries, I think Alabama has a large enough talent gap over Georgia that the Tide wins. I’ll go with 24-10.

And one more thing: I hope I’m wrong.

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