It's great to have company over to watch football, but shouldn't it be all about the game? Georgia was playing in the school's biggest game in decades New Year's Day. We all know that, right? Our son Joseph was in town from Chicago with girlfriend Rachel. She is a pretty keen football observer so she was fun to talk with during both big games. But when my wife Kim arrived home, she played hostess by providing some New Year's Day traditional treats and snacks. She also thought it was appropriate to be a conversation starter. 

In my mind, there was only one thing to talk about and it was one of the craziest college football games ever. It's what we had been staring at on a 62 inch HD television. Commentary not having to do with the drama unfolding before us at The Rose Bowl, was nothing but noise in my state of mind. I love my bride dearly, and she was just trying to play hostess the best she could, but I'll say this. I'm not sure when a conversation should turn to Hoppin John recipes and secret ingredients in a Boston Butt, but probably not during the second overtime of a College Football Playoff game. 

As for next Monday in Atlanta, Alabama is the early favorite. Read more about that here


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