Do not mess with our Flora-Bama


This is a LOAD of bull that MTV is trying to use the Flora-Bama's awesome reputation to hock this new show. (See press release) 

I’m sorry, but don't they have enough power/money/budget/brains to come up with something else? Why can't they just do Jersey Shore Re-visited? Or call it Jersey Shore of the South? Or Panama City Beach Shore, since THAT'S WHERE IT WAS FILMED?! Why can't they come up with a new concept? Are all the ideas gone? How about playing actual music videos? (SHOCKER!!!) Ugh.

Please email, call, social media, smoke signal, or whatever you can do to communicate with MTV and Viacom that they are WRONG on this one.

Thanks, Shelby


p.s. These views above are MY views alone.

Here’s the official Press release from the Flora-Bama:

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 

For 53 years THE Flora-Bama has been slinging drinks, tossing mullets, entertaining people from around the world, and hosting live music. Hunkered down smack in the middle of the Florida/Alabama state line, THE Flora-Bama has survived a fire, several hurricanes, bad economies, and the worst oil spill in our nation’s history. Yet, we’ve recently learned that MTV and Viacom are using our name and reputation to promote their latest “reality” series, after approaching us in 2013 about the same. We’ve asked them to stop. They’ve refused. As made clear by the CMT documentary that Viacom aired on THE Flora-Bama in 2014 to millions, there is only ONE Flora-Bama. 

Maybe they will listen to you…

Viacom President & CEO – Bob Bakish

MTV President - Chris McCarthy


 Visit us at or on


About The Flora-Bama, The Flora-Bama Lounge and Package is a gulf front oyster bar, beach bar, and Gulf Coast cultural landmark, touted as being America's "Last Great Roadhouse". The Flora-Bama takes its name from its location on the Florida-Alabama state line. This famous Gulf Coast establishment has been entertaining visitors and locals alike since 1964. Featuring 365 days a year of live music from top regional and national acts as well as home of the world famous "Interstate Mullet Toss and Gulf Coast’s Greatest Beach Party”.

                                            (95 KSJ's Dan & Shelby at the Flora Bama Jama, 2014)

                                                          (church at the Flora-Bama, 2014)

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