I was just minding my own business Saturday afternoon, keeping an eye on a few college football games early in the afternoon when this image popped up on the screen of FOX's coverage of the Michigan at Wisconsin game. It showed the anguish of a young Wolverine fan as the ball game started to tilt in Wisconsin's direction. I backed up the DVR, snapped a picture of it and posted to Facebook with some innocent words about, "Hang tough, little guy."

Unbeknownst to me, it was a picture of the seven year old son of lightening rod Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh. That's when I received a text, sent by a family relative of Harbaugh's I happen to know. He playfully chided me for exploiting the poor little guy for the sake of a post. I returned text explaining I had no idea that was who the little boy was.

That's when I called my friend and invited him to be on the show today. "It will be funny", I said. His reply? A quick "no thanks." After all, the whole situation may not be considered funny in the least to a certain highly intense football coach.

College Football. A small world.

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