Anderson East blasts Garth’s CMA performance

Garth Brooks lip-synced his CMA Awards performance last week due to problems with his voice, and in case you missed it, two people who didn’t particularly care for it was Anderson East and his girlfriend Miranda Lambert.

And it seems Miranda agreed, commenting on his post, “High Five on this babe you can’t sing then don’t,” and adding. “It’s better to be honest than to pretend. I think it’s bull sh*t. My favorite performances in the show were live live. The truth.”

One person who came to the defense of Garth was Miranda’s ex, Blake Shelton. Following the whole controversy he tweeted, “Hey @garthbrooks... I still love you. #hero #respect

Personally, I am disappointed in Anderson and Miranda. And I am not the only one...lots of backlash from people I know in the community. Just read the comments. I thought it extremely rude and disrespectful. ~Shelby

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