It feels good. I'm not going to lie. As we all know, College Football's Playoff Committee revealed their first rankings and Georgia is number one. But there are two words that follow that statement. The two words are "for now." Georgia is number one...for now. Alabama is number two...for now. An Alabama fan friend of mine shot me a text this morning. Here it is: "CFP committee just gave Bama some solid motivation..."

Alabama doesn't need added motivation. They are coached by Nick Saban. Being motivated is an everyday thing. That's the mindset Kirby Smart has been able to inject into the UGA program. That's why this team performs with so much more commitment this season. Let's see how Georgia responds to the ranking Saturday against South Carolina. While they are not a great team, their record is 6-2.  

The Dogs also have a 6-2 Kentucky team, a game at Auburn and rival Georgia Tech to deal with if they hope to stay at or near the top of the Playoff Rankings before their appearance (hopefully) in the SEC Championship Game. So everyone, Georgia fans and Alabama fans, just take a breath. The Playoff Rankings have Clemson 4th, ND 3rd, Alabama 2nd and UGA 1st...for now.


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