Check this out. A 12-year-old from Baltimore named Carl Tubbs was being bullied at school for participating in an Irish Dance class. After all, we know how bullies are. They never miss an opportunity to do their thing.

That's when Carl’s mom Joanne Tubbs had an idea. She read where Baltimore Ravens running back Alex Collins trained for football by doing Irish dance, so she tweeted him asking for advice for her son who was getting bullied for the dancing. Collins replied with some words of encouragement for the seventh-grader to “never stop doing the things you love because someone else doesn’t agree.”

That shout out was sweet, but Carl’s mom also got tickets to see the Ravens play and arranged for him to meet his new favorite NFL player. Collins brought footballs signed by the entire Ravens team and hung out with his young fan, reminding him to stick with Irish dancing - just like he does - and to keep moving forward.


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