CBS exec fired who said Vegas victims didn't deserve sympathy

CBS has fired an executive who took to social media saying she's "not sympathetic" to victims of the massacre in Las Vegas. The former corporate lawyer, Hayley Geftman-Gold, said on Facebook that she wasn't sympathetic to victims because "country music fans often are Republican gun-toters."

In a discussion on Facebook, she also said she had no hope Republicans would take action since they didn't do anything when children were murdered, referencing the Sandy Hook massacre in Connecticut. Within hours of her remarks hitting the Twittersphere, CBS announced that Geftman-Gold had violated the company's standards by expressing unacceptable views and had been let go. Geftman-Gold had been a vice president and senior legal counsel at CBS in New York for about a year.

  • In the aftermath, Geftman-Gold has also apologized. “Earlier today I posted an indefensible post in a Facebook discussion thread concerning the tragic Las Vegas shooting, a statement I sincerely regret,” she offered. “I am deeply sorry for diminishing the significance of every life affected by Stephen Paddock’s terrorism last night and for the pain my words have inflicted on the loved ones of the victims. My shameful comments do not reflect the beliefs of my former employer, colleagues, family, and friends. Nor do they reflect my actual beliefs — this senseless violence warrants the deepest empathy. I understand and accept all consequences that my words have incurred.”

Source: Fox News

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