A few thoughts, and how to help

Dan and I and everyone at KSJ are so heartbroken and can't wrap our brain around what has happened in Vegas. We love all music fans, but I felt it right down to my soul when I found out it was at a Country Music Festival, the Route 91 Harvest Fest. It's personal to me because I have been around country music fans my entire career, and they are absolutely the best people in the world. But this could have been any of us really, celebrating music and life in general.

Several people reached out and there are so many people praying hard. I ask that you please continue to go to concerts, go to events, go out, and do not let this horrific event take your joy or scare you into not living and enjoying the love of music. 

God bless the heroes who risked their lives for others last night, and the ones who do it every day around the nation.

Scroll down to see how to help.


The first and most important thing that you can do is donate blood. The number of victims is still rising and the hospitals in the Las Vegas area will be overflowing with people who have lost a lot of blood and who will need surgery. 




Also, you can give money to the GoFundMe page from a Nevada Commissioner. 

Also our own Bobby Bones show has directed their charity from The Shop Forward to Vegas Victims. 

See below. 

There's also the National Compassion Fund:  https://nationalcompassionfund.org/

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