ESPN college football analyst and former Auburn Coach spoke at the C Spire 1st & 10 Club at the Mobile Marriott this past Monday. Coach was in good spirits for someone who had just returned from a game assignment across the country at BYU, only to learn this coming weekend's game for him and his team is back in Provo, Utah again. Since he lives in Destin, getting to the outskirts of Salt Lake City takes a connection or two.

A funny story Tuberville shared with no shame was his early assessment of the Auburn Clemson game last Saturday. He was only able to watch Auburn's first two drives of the game before he had to meet his coworkers for a ride to the Brigham Young game. When some of the others asked Tuberville what he thought of the game he replied, "Auburn's going to be beat them by 30." Next time you miss badly on predicting the outcome of a game, even one that is already underway, don't sweat it. If one of the most successful coaches in Auburn history can be way off, so can we.


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