Pumpkin Spice everything...even cough drops

posted by Shelby Mitchell - 

Ahhh with this touch of cool weather on the Gulf Coast, brought on by Irma or not...the change in the weather makes me want FALL! But with sweaters and soups, also comes those not-so-lovely colds, allergies and sinus infections. Of course, now is also the return of pumpkin spice everything

But why oh why am I tempting you with pumpkin spice if you’ll be too sick to enjoy it? Well, thanks to CVS, not even illness can stop you from enjoying the wonderful fall flavor of pumpkin spice. The pharmacy chain has introduced pumpkin spice cough drops because, honestly, why not? You understand what our phlegm-y soul needs, CVS.

Actually, I think this sounds gross because I don't think sweet pumpkin spice and menthol go too great together...but that's just me. :) Shelby

I'm pretty sure the sole reason why I've had a sore throat since Friday is that my immune system wants me to buy these CVS pumpkin spice cough drops. Well immune system, it's not happening. Menthol and pumpkin sound horrible together.

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