RECAP: Photos and Videos of Standing Strong For TX

The rain has been unprecedented, the flooding of historic proportions. And we're here to help our Texas neighbors. LOCAL 15 and our iHEARTRADIO Gulf Coast stations are STANDING STRONG FOR TEXAS. 

Thursday showed Local 15 and iHeartRADIO a wave of generosity we won't forget. 100% of all proceeds went to the Salvation Army Relief Fund. We stationed our tents in Mobile and Daphne from 6AM to 6PM and you guys kept coming!

You made Darwin Singleton from Local 15 and Shelby Mitchell from 95KSJ run up and down the streets. Thank you for your support to give Houston the relief they need right now.

You can still give at this link:

Every bit helps! Join us in STANDING STRONG FOR TEXAS, with LOCAL 15 and iHEARTRADIO.

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