Adopt a new greyhound

Dan and Shelby talked to Darla Dean, president of ASHA (Alabama Sighthounds Adoptions) about getting these Greyhounds adopted out to some loving homes. See their Facebook page below or contact her at

MOBILE, Ala. (WPMI) — The Mobile Greyhound Park will end live races this month. Mobile Greyhound Park is a property of Wind Creek Hospitality who cite a “declining market demand” as a reason for eliminating the live races. The park will continue to offer simulcast of races originating from other locations.

The National Greyhound Association (NGA) also released a statement saying they have been informed by management of the Mobile Greyhound Park that the live races will end following the program of August 19th. Wind Creek Hospitality says they have plans in place to assist the kennel owners with relocation, adoption, and ongoing care of the greyhounds. 

The NGA is working with different groups throughout the country and assure that “each and every greyhound at Mobile Greyhound Park will be properly cared for until transferred to another racing facility to continue their careers or adopted into a loving home.” The NGA says Mobile Greyhound Park will provide services necessary to care, transport, and re-home all of the greyhounds at their facility.

If you wish to help in this effort, contact NGA at 785-263-4660 or Mobile Greyhound Park at 251-653-5000.

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